Bonsai Tools

We offer all of the high quality bonsai tools that you need for styling your bonsai tree. Do note that these are just some of the tools we offer – please call us if you need something else.


SC-11 Size : 8” TRIMMING SHEARS Hand forged, good solid feel great for thinning or defoliating


SC-12 Size : 8” LEAF / TWIG SHEARS Hand forged steel great for getting into all those hard to reach places.


SC-13 Size : 7-1/2” BRANCH CUTTERS Cut heaver branches with ease. Sturdy wide grip gives extra power for the sharp blade to cut with ease. Hand forged steel.


SC-14 Size : 7” IKEBANA / BONSAI SHEARS Heavy duty shear, for heavy branch or twig.


CC-01 Size : 8” CONCAVE BRANCH CUTTER Hand forged steel. Sharp blades cut flush to reduce the healing time and unsightly scaring.


KC-01 Size : 8” KNOB CUTTERS Cuts inward so the wound heals evenly over. Less chance of a unsightly bump when healed.